LaSalle Plaza Skyway – 2013 Starnet Grand Prize Winner, Gold Winner Hospitality – Public Space, Silver Winner Unique Installation

Client Name: LaSalle Plaza Office Tower Skyway
Project Start: 2013
Project End: 2013
Project Materials: Custom Cut Tandus Centiva Carpet
Square Footage: 10,000 sq. ft. lobby, Average 1,250 sq. ft. in 500 units.


2013 Commercial


The classic 32-story LaSalle Plaza Tower is situated in the heart of the Minneapolis business and downtown entertainment district. The LaSalle Plaza skyway system is one of the largest in Minneapolis. It serves as a critical artery for those who work, visit or play. It connects an array of retailers, renowned historic theaters, trendy restaurants, hip bars and office towers with their connecting sky-bridges. The owner's vision, as conveyed to the architectural design team at NELSON, was one of movement, color, energy and revitalization. NELSON needed to respect the building architecture, recognizing the need to energize and more truly align the restaurant, theater and retail tenants. Taking cues from architectural elements and patterns found within the building, the owner’s vision became absolute reality. The use of colorful repetitive forms and exaggerated imagery punctuate the sleek black Tandus Endhara II field carpet and exudes an exciting energy that leads visitors throughout the skyway/plaza.


There were many installation challenge. This high traffic skyway area flooring had to be completed with truly NO shut down time between demolition and finished installation phases. The size and scope of the design for this project created additional challenges as we had to keep all pile directions continuous with hundreds of six foot cuts in this sprawling skyway plaza layout. Demolition and floor preparation was an extreme challenge. The existing enhancer separated from the face along with the adhesive could only be mechanically removed with a combination of rider and walk-behind machines and hand-scraping. We collaborated with our best craftsmen to devise a plan for production efficiencies, keeping in mind the occupancy factor. We rough-cut and precision-cut the custom color insets utilizing our in-house computerized Eagle cutting table. Reverse negatives were made for hand-cutting the repeated ellipses. Custom length metal straight edges were used for the long darting straight blue lines. Demolition and installation of the 2,200sy of 6’ Tandus Powerbond was completed in seven consecutive evenings. The owner actually thought that all the design and inlay work was done in a factory! Our team was thrilled to be involved in the project and see this classic landmark building "come back to life.”