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Over 60 years of History

Beckers 1959 – Today. 60 years strong. Never compromised, always reliable and on time! Our team is your best commercial flooring partner!

Beckers and Mr. David’s both have a long rich history of providing outstanding service and product to their customers.
John Becker,
Floors by Beckers President | CEO

We are very excited about our partnership and believe in the long-term growth potential this partnership promises.
Leonard Zmijewski,
Mr. David’s CEO

The nation’s largest self-performing flooring organization.
In 2019 Mr. David’s and Floors by Beckers announced the new equity partnership, forming a strong enterprise serving the global commercial flooring community. The partnership enabled Floors by Beckers to leverage the strengths of Mr. David’s leadership and resources. Together the companies will capture regional growth by driving operational efficiencies, excellent service, technical and specification expertise, and quality workmanship.

Founded in 1972, Mr. David’s Flooring started out installing residential floors in Chicago. After renovating two local Hyatt Hotel properties, and incorporating in 1976, David and Leonard Zmijewski came to the realization that commercial projects were their calling. Mr. David’s philosophy of hands-on value creation through managing every aspect of a project ensures quality solutions for their clients.

Mr. David’s and Floors by Beckers are both recognized nationally as award-winning industry leaders. The unique vertical integration allows them to handle everything from specification, project management to distribution and installation. Our teams approach to total service satisfaction is never compromised!